Prof. Sandra Jamieson
Office: Sitterly 306
Office phone: 973.408.3499
Office Hours: Mondays –  4:30-5:30 (SITT 306),
………………Wednesdays –  10:30-11:30 (SITT 306),
……………….& by appointment

ENGL 111:  Introduction to Writing & Communication Studies
Semester: Fall 2014
Time: M/W, 3:00-4:15
Location: BC 103

Course Overview:

This course introduces students to the related fields of Writing Studies and Communication Studies. At the heart of each is the study of language and the complex ways we shape and are shaped by the written and spoken word. From the personal to the professional, written and spoken texts are driven by the message the author/speaker wishes to send, the needs and expectations of the audience being addressed, and the genre and medium selected for that message. From roots in classical rhetoric and the creative arts to current uses in civic and professional realms, written and spoken communication moves, inspires, persuades, entertains, connects, and sometimes alienates us. This course will study the history, theory, and practical applications of writing and communication from social media to civic engagement, and from the arts to professions as diverse as advertising, journalism, public relations, and the law. We will also consider the politics of literacy, the impact of global Englishes, stylistic debates, and the ways technologies have changed writing and communication.

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